Formal evaluation of offers submitted in the CSODP, priority 4, edition 2022 completed!

April 8, 2022

The Director of the National Institute of Freedom – Center for Civil Society Development informs that the formal evaluation of applications submitted under the 2022 edition of the CSODP Programme, priority 4, has been completed. All submitted applications and offers have been subject to formal evaluation.




As part of the competition for 114 applications submitted in the Subsidy System, 4 did not meet the formal criteria. The remaining applications qualified for the substantive evaluation.




Information about the result of the formal evaluation will be sent to all Organizations to the e-mail address provided in the offer or application.




Pursuant to the Competition Regulations, Organizations which applications have been rejected as a result of the formal evaluation have the right to appeal to the Chairman of the Public Benefit Committee, within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the results of the formal evaluation, via NIW-CRSO.




The appeal must be sent:

  • by mail;
  • or send a scan of the appeal by e-mail to the address;
  • submit it to the NIW-CRSO check-in point: Narodowy Instytut Wolności Centrum Rozwoju Społeczeństwo Obywatelskiego 00-124 Warszawa Al. Jana Pawła II 12 with a note: appeal against the formal evaluation PROO 4, 2022.


In the case of the postal route, the date of the postmark is decisive, in the case of sending by courier, the date of receipt by NFI is decisive. An appeal submitted after the deadline will not be considered.