The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme for 2018-2030 CSODP

CSODP is the first ever direct support programme for the development of Polish civil organisations. Subsidies under the programme will be allocated to the institutional development of the organisation and the implementation of their statutory objectives.

We have prepared various forms of support tailored to the needs of the non-governmental sector. Subsidies can be obtained both for the implementation of a long-term strategy for the development of an organisation, the creation of endowment, but also e.g. for emergency situations. We will carry out competitions for civic media, watchdog organisations, and think tanks.

We do not require own contribution, and the settlement of the subsidy will be made on the basis of the achieved results. The grant competitions will be launched under the five priorities of the Programme.

In the years 2018-2030, 585 million PLN will be allocated for the implementation of CSODP, which will allow the support of nearly 12,000 non-governmental organisations operating in Poland.



  • CSODP hotline – available at 10.00 – 12.00:
  • +48 885 221 531
  • +48 601 901 327
  • E-mail: proo@niw.gov.pl

CSODP logo

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